Export of frozen products

AGROCARGO offers a full range of services for the export of frozen products

Receiving subsidies for the part of transportation costs

  • Transportation throughout Russia Найти груз
  • International transportation Рассчитать стоимость
  • Maximum biosafety Рассчитать стоимость

AGROCARGO provides comprehensive services for export operations:

Provision of a full cycle of logistics services for cargo delivery;

Development of the optimal route taking into account the characteristics of the goods and the places of loading/unloading of the container;

Recommendations on the conclusion of foreign trade export contracts, determination of delivery conditions;

Recommendations on the document package formation required for a foreign trade transaction: invoice, packing list, product specification, etc.;

Obtaining a veterinary certificate;

Obtaining a certificate of origin (Vietnam);

Carrying out export formalities: preparation and submission of a customs declaration in the EC-10 mode;

Filling out transport documents (CMR);

Filling out statistical forms when exporting goods to the countries of the Customs Union;

Receiving subsidies

eceiving a subsidy for part of transport costs from the state when exporting agricultural products in accordance with Government Decree No. 1104 of 15.09.2017.

AGROCARGO fully accompanies the registration of the application for subsidies.




Document package formation


Submitting an application and providing a package of documents to the REC for receiving subsidies

Working with AGROCARGO

Delivery to the destination


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